What’s a Dwarfen Brewery?

In an industry overflowing with nano, micro and craft breweries, just what is a Dwarfen Brewery?

The Dwarfen Brewery is the brand identity of the Fownes Brewing Co. Whilst it once referred to the diminutive size of our initial brewing equipment, it mainly focuses on the concept behind the beers. With a passion for telling the stories of our Dwarfen characters, created by Tom, and showcasing the accompanying art, produced by James, the Fownes brewery offers customers something unique.

From being read Tolkien as young children; growing up during the heyday of British table top wargaming, Choose Your Own Adventure novels, comic books and Collectable Card Games; studying Arthurian legends and Norse Mythology to being inspired by artists such as John Blanche, Wayne England and Frank Frazetta; a rich tapestry of influences has culminated in the Dwarfen World we’ve created to accompany and inspire our beers.

Through an expanding world of epic ales and tales, you will be introduced to characters such as Master Brewer Broddr Firebeard, the tragic figure of King Korvak and the runic might of the Frost Hammer.