Let me tell you a story.

Imagine if you will, sitting in a pub with over a century of history; it’s walls made from a local stone that has long since all been wrenched out of the ground, situated atop a windy ridge in the industrial heartland of the Midlands, the highest drinking establishment in the region.

The room is warmed by an open hearth, in front of which a Great Dane lies basking in the heat from the fire, ignoring the bustling revellers moving to and fro.

You sit upon a pew that would have once held worshippers of a different kind, the comfort of which has been greatly increased by the addition of an upholstered seat and several pints.

As you sup on your sixth ale of the evening, you come to the realisation that none of them have met your expectations. While kept by a competent cellar man who provides a wide selection, they are by their very nature too thin and uninspiring.

It was at this point two brothers began on what would become, although they didn’t know it at the time, an epic journey started by the immortal words,

‘We could do better than this.’

‘We know nothing about brewing.’

‘We’re men of science, we could learn! Besides, how hard can it be when there’s the internet and books out there?’

‘I suppose..’

After that there was much conjecture about the concept behind such a venture, which was only curtailed by the bell sounding last orders and then the call to ‘Finish your drinks please gentlemen.’, with which the brothers were ejected out into the cold night to head home, a good night had by all.

Now normally, most tales would stop there. But the following day the older brother called his sibling and said,

‘Last night we said we’d open a Dwarfen brewery…’

‘Last night we were very drunk.’

‘Doesn’t matter, it was a good idea.’

And so it was, the brothers set their minds and hands to the task and learned to brew. Always with the intent of being a commercial brewery they started small, in their kitchen with plastic buckets. They soon progressed to using larger, steel equipment before finding a commercial home on the premises of the very local free house where that fateful conversation had occurred.

Over six years later, with a number of local and regional awards under their belts, having sold over half a million pints and having gained many fans across the Midlands the brothers continue to produce ales and porters that are much sought after.