What makes our Dwarfen Ales great?

Let us tell you what makes our Dwarfen Ales great.

It’s not that they’re the hoppiest, although we use whole leaf hops, selected from the finest hop yards in the UK.

It’s not the quality of the malts used, but we do use heritage products such as Maris Otter and the finest speciality malts from Germany and Belgium.

It’s not that they’re the best, however in the 4 years since we started brewing we’ve won 6 local and regional awards.

It’s not their rarity, that said there are only 10 casks of each beer brewed at a time.

No, it’s the investment; ours and yours.

We invest in British Hop Farmers, championing new and experimental hop varieties before they’re commercially available and contracting years in advance to allow their businesses to be sustainable.

We invest in malts that have been developed specifically for great flavour when brewing beer and trusted for over 50 years.

We invest our time in sending our Dwarfen Ales to CAMRA beer festivals to have the opportunity to be voted on by the public.

We invest ourselves in developing relationships with great people who’re running award winning community venues, so that when they supply our beer it’s in the best hands it can be and supports local jobs.

And the greatest investment of all; yours.

You’ve sought out our ales.

You’ve made the effort to discern the best places to drink.

You’ve left the comfort of your home to invest your time in the company of others.

You’ve embraced a brand proud of it’s epic storytelling and superb artwork.

You’ve spent your hard earned money on a premium product that can only be purchased from great gathering places of the community.

Only then do all of our investments pay off, at the moment you begin to savour our full bodied, flavoursome, hand forged beverages.

From the first twitching of your nose at the hop aroma, through the explosion of flavours across your tongue, the lingering sensation on the roof of your mouth to the last drop running out of the tankard, filling you with excitement as you head back to the bar for another.

Your investment was worth it.

Thank you for allowing us to do what we do best.


Dwarfs do Wrestlemania

Wrestlemania is finally up us and to celebrate we produced a special beer for the Hogs Head in Wolverhampton’s special screening.

The 4.0% ale is light in colour and refreshing on the palate. Ideal for consuming many pints of over 4 hours of Sports Entertainment.

12494846_1363837107037163_6107458013612354196_n 12936510_1363837143703826_706862100000804295_n 12919666_1363837173703823_8060303977020417173_n

How do Dwarfs keep it clean?

Cask Cleaning Monday is in full swing.

Arguably one of the most important processes at our brewery, if the cask isn’t clean when the beer goes in, it doesn’t matter how good the beer was, it’ll turn rapidly. 12987184_1368894526531421_4570825565471702784_n

We start by removing all the cask furniture, shives, keystones, labels; then pressure wash inside and out. Next we scrub the outside clean with a caustic solution before giving it a blast with the pressure washer to remove the caustic.


The cask is then moved to the cask washer where the interior is blasted with hot caustic to break down any biological matter such as yeast, dried on beer and the bacteria than can grow in these environments once outside of a temperature controlled cellar. 12718035_1368894963198044_6265847734726931135_n

The cask moves onto being rinsed inside with cold water to remove any traces of caustic and biological debris.

The last washing process involves the interior of the cask being washed with an acid to sanitize it before it is sealed for storage. This prevents anything else getting into the cask. 13007092_1368894563198084_2210268837815273914_n

Depending how long goes by between cleaning and filling the cask determines how much cleaning will need to be done again before racking. 13006660_1368894863198054_4153628320341345423_n

So there you go, another insight into the steps we Dwarfs take to bring you consistently epic ales.


Crash Ball 4 is here!

It’s Crash Ball Saturday Dwarfen sports fans!10314580_1355760171178190_6752290191422405269_n

In it’s 4th year, the event has moved to a new venue, Asgard Games in Walsall. 10391016_1355761124511428_2581835284763009834_n10391863_1355830497837824_3639594521483302661_n

Competing this year are 1st year champions, The Crispin Crusaders coached by our Brewer; The Bodacious Bunnies coached by Jess; Morgrim’s Marauders coached by Chris and The Lustrian Lovelies coached by Paul. 12439425_1355830504504490_1112965752778176534_n

There’ll be prizes for Best Painted Team, Most Sporting Player, First Place and Runner Up. Top prize is a custom made Blood Bowl field, with other prizes including t-shirts and mugs.

The beer will be flowing, for ticket holders, Crash Ball 3.8%, Frost Hammer 4.6% and King Korvak’s Saga (Champion Porter of the West Midlands) 5.4%.12439438_1355761121178095_1287784550830785199_n

The 4th Crash Ball Tournament has broken for lunch. At the end of the first matches the results table is:

Bodacious Bunnies W-1 L-0 D-0
Morgrim’s Marauders W-0 L-0 D-1
Lustrian Lovelies W-0 L-0 D-1
Crispin Crusaders. W-0 L-1 D-0

12108093_1355829634504577_3824320614776225907_nThe second game of the4th Crash Ball Tournament is over. As the teams go to nurse their wounds, have a beer, the results table looks like this:

Bodacious Bunnies W-2 L-0 D-0
Morgrim’s Marauders W-0 L-1 D-1
Lustrian Lovelies W-1 L-0 D-1
Crispin Crusaders. W-0 L-2 D-012321216_1355913684496172_3020650181696504983_n

It’s looking like the Crispin Crusaders may have indulged too much with their own beverages while the Bodacious Bunnies are storming ahead. Close behind are the Lustrian Lovelies and it all comes down to this match.

The 2016 Crash Ball Tournament has come to an end.

The results table looks as follows:

Bodacious Bunnies W-2 L-1 D-0
Morgrim’s Marauders W-0 L-2 D-1
Lustrian Lovelies W-2 L-0 D-1
Crispin Crusaders. W-1 L-2 D-010399754_1355830491171158_7019091621541242410_n

First Prize goes to Paul coaching the Lustrian Lovelies who also picks up the prize for Best Painted Team.
Runner Up certificate goes to Jess coaching the Bodacious Bunnies.
Most Sporting Player award goes to Chris leading Morgrim’s Marauders.

Thank you to everyone who took part and we look forward to seeing more of you next year.


Broddr needs you!

Fans of Dwarfen Ales, Broddr Firebeard needs you.

Next time you’re in a pub, standing at the bar, chatting to the person serving you or the regular standing beside you, tell them about us.

Tell them about the award winning ales being produced at the highest brewery in the Black Country on a windy ridge with uninterrupted views stretching to the horizon.

Tell them about the World’s Tallest Dwarf who brews a magnificent range of beer styles using only the finest malts and the choicest hops from around the world.

Tell them about the epic sagas of Korvak and Story John who performs them in the pub.

Tell them about all the awards we’ve won over the last 4 years.

Tell them to seek out these handcrafted brews.

Tell them we’re coming, and to seek out our ales and fill their tankards before it’s too late and the Tavern down the road has beaten them too it.

Don’t keep the secret of our great beers to yourself, spread the word, and take pride in the knowledge, that you were drinking them first.

2nd MABFest

1918189_1334008140020060_7489661819410284920_nThe 2nd Mercian Alliance of Brewers Festival took place at Twisted Barrel’s Tap House at Fargo Village in Coventry.

12495229_1334008143353393_5486520298917655544_nShowcasing the 2nd Mercian Alliance of Brewers collaboration, Cnebba – 7.0% Baltic Porter, brewed at our Dwarfen Brewery with help from Ritchie at Twisted Barrel Ales.

The festival was a fantastic opportunity to try beers from not just ourselves and Twisted Barrel but other members of the alliance including Broughs, Craddocks, Green Duck, Fixed Wheel, Rock n Roll Brewhouse and Two Towers.


King Korvak grabs the Gold

You might recall earlier in the year King Korvak’s Saga was named the West Midlands Champion Porter by CAMRA.

Well we finally got to collect our certificate at the Regional Prize Giving Ceremony held at the Bartons Arms in Birmingham.


Hopefully more of the same next year. Thanks to everyone who voted to get us into the contest, it means the world.

2nd Time Around

Story John entertaining Stafford CAMRA with tales of epic Dwarfen adventure during the presentation of their beer of the festival award to us at the Wheatsheaf in Walsall.12240082_1279193672168174_5118724059402378119_n

King Korvak’s Saga won the public vote for second time, the first was in 2013. Thanks to everyone who voted and we look forward to charming your taste buds next year.

Once more unto the Castle!

October, a Dwarfs favourite time of year. The main reason for this is it’s the month when we get to spend a week in Nottingham, volunteering at the beer festival, reuniting with friends, greeting returning customers and introducing the uninitiated to the wonders of Dwarfen Ale.


Over four days we serve up 7 different Dwarfen Ales, 120 pints of each, handing out prizes to those who partake of them all.


It’s a unique festival, there’s no other festival we’ve been at where the customers range from those who’ve planned out in meticulous detail what they’re drinking to the ones who’ve never tried real ale, can be beckoned over and enlightened to the vast range of styles and flavours on offer.


If you’ve never been we’d highly recommend it. The festival has it’s own app for rating the beers and a leader board to see what’s been particularly good. We love being in the entertainment tent. not too busy during the day, the opportunity to listen to live bands while still holding a conversation.


So long as they keep having us back, we’ll keep going and supporting this fantastic event, run by an amazing team of volunteers.IMG_1217