Broddr needs you!

Fans of Dwarfen Ales, Broddr Firebeard needs you.

Next time you’re in a pub, standing at the bar, chatting to the person serving you or the regular standing beside you, tell them about us.

Tell them about the award winning ales being produced at the highest brewery in the Black Country on a windy ridge with uninterrupted views stretching to the horizon.

Tell them about the World’s Tallest Dwarf who brews a magnificent range of beer styles using only the finest malts and the choicest hops from around the world.

Tell them about the epic sagas of Korvak and Story John who performs them in the pub.

Tell them about all the awards we’ve won over the last 4 years.

Tell them to seek out these handcrafted brews.

Tell them we’re coming, and to seek out our ales and fill their tankards before it’s too late and the Tavern down the road has beaten them too it.

Don’t keep the secret of our great beers to yourself, spread the word, and take pride in the knowledge, that you were drinking them first.