Crash Ball 4 is here!

It’s Crash Ball Saturday Dwarfen sports fans!10314580_1355760171178190_6752290191422405269_n

In it’s 4th year, the event has moved to a new venue, Asgard Games in Walsall. 10391016_1355761124511428_2581835284763009834_n10391863_1355830497837824_3639594521483302661_n

Competing this year are 1st year champions, The Crispin Crusaders coached by our Brewer; The Bodacious Bunnies coached by Jess; Morgrim’s Marauders coached by Chris and The Lustrian Lovelies coached by Paul. 12439425_1355830504504490_1112965752778176534_n

There’ll be prizes for Best Painted Team, Most Sporting Player, First Place and Runner Up. Top prize is a custom made Blood Bowl field, with other prizes including t-shirts and mugs.

The beer will be flowing, for ticket holders, Crash Ball 3.8%, Frost Hammer 4.6% and King Korvak’s Saga (Champion Porter of the West Midlands) 5.4%.12439438_1355761121178095_1287784550830785199_n

The 4th Crash Ball Tournament has broken for lunch. At the end of the first matches the results table is:

Bodacious Bunnies W-1 L-0 D-0
Morgrim’s Marauders W-0 L-0 D-1
Lustrian Lovelies W-0 L-0 D-1
Crispin Crusaders. W-0 L-1 D-0

12108093_1355829634504577_3824320614776225907_nThe second game of the4th Crash Ball Tournament is over. As the teams go to nurse their wounds, have a beer, the results table looks like this:

Bodacious Bunnies W-2 L-0 D-0
Morgrim’s Marauders W-0 L-1 D-1
Lustrian Lovelies W-1 L-0 D-1
Crispin Crusaders. W-0 L-2 D-012321216_1355913684496172_3020650181696504983_n

It’s looking like the Crispin Crusaders may have indulged too much with their own beverages while the Bodacious Bunnies are storming ahead. Close behind are the Lustrian Lovelies and it all comes down to this match.

The 2016 Crash Ball Tournament has come to an end.

The results table looks as follows:

Bodacious Bunnies W-2 L-1 D-0
Morgrim’s Marauders W-0 L-2 D-1
Lustrian Lovelies W-2 L-0 D-1
Crispin Crusaders. W-1 L-2 D-010399754_1355830491171158_7019091621541242410_n

First Prize goes to Paul coaching the Lustrian Lovelies who also picks up the prize for Best Painted Team.
Runner Up certificate goes to Jess coaching the Bodacious Bunnies.
Most Sporting Player award goes to Chris leading Morgrim’s Marauders.

Thank you to everyone who took part and we look forward to seeing more of you next year.