Inhabitants of the Ulfsberg

King Korvak – High King of the Dwarfs and our titular character.

King Korvus – Korvak’s father.

Prince Korvin – Korvak’s older brother.

Broddr Firebeard – Royal brewer to the High King.

Magnus the Black – Advisor to Korvak and his father before him.

Brufur – Korvak’s mentor.

Other Players

The Pale King – A shadowy figure.

The Prophets Three; Noran, Paron, Myran – Elusive Dwarfen prophets.

The Storyteller – A figure of great importance to the Dwarfs, none know his name but all have heard his tales.

The Goat Rider – A mysterious entity who surfaces once a year on all hallow’s eve.

Leviathan – The beast from the deep.

Places & Things

The Frost Hammer – Legendary runic hammer forged for Korvus, wielded by Korvak.

The Ulfsberg – The Mountain of the High Kingdom, home to the largest Dwarfen tribe.

Crash Ball – A Dwarfen sport, appears to be very similar to the sport we call rugby.