Any Dwarfen Brewery renowned for it’s Epic Tales needs it’s own Storyteller!

Wolverhampton’s greatest professional wordsmith and orator, John Edgar, can be seen breathing life into our Dwarfen Saga at special  events.


Who celebrates the heroes?
Who loudly sings their praise?
Who tells the tales of battles,
Of dark and brighter days?

Come gather round the storyteller
And hear a tale or two,
Accompanied by feasting
And washed down with the best Dwarfen brew.

But of his own life story
There’s little we can share.
One day the dwarfs were all alone,
The next he was just there.

He told of all their adventures,
Some local, some from afar.
He was a truly handsome chap,
As all storytellers are.

There was something of the wizard about him,
There was magic in each tale,
And they honoured him in the traditional way:
They named for him an ale.

Like him, it was slightly bitter
With a very fine head, so they tell,
And, just like one of his stories,
It always went down very well.

For centuries he was part of their feasts,
A fixture at their fireside,
But one dark winter’s morning,
A young dwarf looked inside
The storyteller’s hut to find
That their balladeer had died.

He was buried with every honour
And they couldn’t believe he was gone;
And, indeed, he was still with them,
For his stories still carried on.

They mark his anniversary
With stories and with beer,
The legendary Storyteller ale,
Specially brewed at that time of the year.

So each time you hear one of his tales
Don’t let the moment pass
Without you toast his memory
With a full and foaming glass.

John Edgar