A prince, a prophecy and a shadow from the East. Hear ye the tale of poor King Korvak…

The Saga of King Korvak, reading order:

King Korvak’s Saga
The introduction to the tale and an overview of what’s to come.

Korvak Saga – Chapter I: Ascension
The story of Korvak’s coming of age.

Prophets of Doom
Korvak must climb the holy mountain to consult the prophets and learn of his future.

Korvak Saga – Chapter II: Burden
Korvak’s older brother is killed and he is burdened with the knowledge that he will become king.

The Pale King
Rumours start to circulate of a threat in the east, uniting the Troll tribes.

Frost Hammer
The forging of a might weapon for the king.

Korvak Saga – Chapter III: Lament
Death of King Korvus and the start of the troll wars.

Visions of Heresy
The prophecies of Korvak’s youth are being forfilled, but who will betray him?

Hand of Doom
With the war grinding to a stalemate, Korvak makes an uneasy choice to use an ancient and ill fated weapon.

Korvak Saga – Chapter IV: Downfall
The death of King Korvak.