How do Dwarfs keep it clean?

Cask Cleaning Monday is in full swing.

Arguably one of the most important processes at our brewery, if the cask isn’t clean when the beer goes in, it doesn’t matter how good the beer was, it’ll turn rapidly. 12987184_1368894526531421_4570825565471702784_n

We start by removing all the cask furniture, shives, keystones, labels; then pressure wash inside and out. Next we scrub the outside clean with a caustic solution before giving it a blast with the pressure washer to remove the caustic.


The cask is then moved to the cask washer where the interior is blasted with hot caustic to break down any biological matter such as yeast, dried on beer and the bacteria than can grow in these environments once outside of a temperature controlled cellar. 12718035_1368894963198044_6265847734726931135_n

The cask moves onto being rinsed inside with cold water to remove any traces of caustic and biological debris.

The last washing process involves the interior of the cask being washed with an acid to sanitize it before it is sealed for storage. This prevents anything else getting into the cask. 13007092_1368894563198084_2210268837815273914_n

Depending how long goes by between cleaning and filling the cask determines how much cleaning will need to be done again before racking. 13006660_1368894863198054_4153628320341345423_n

So there you go, another insight into the steps we Dwarfs take to bring you consistently epic ales.