What makes our Dwarfen Ales great?

Let us tell you what makes our Dwarfen Ales great.

It’s not that they’re the hoppiest, although we use whole leaf hops, selected from the finest hop yards in the UK.

It’s not the quality of the malts used, but we do use heritage products such as Maris Otter and the finest speciality malts from Germany and Belgium.

It’s not that they’re the best, however in the 4 years since we started brewing we’ve won 6 local and regional awards.

It’s not their rarity, that said there are only 10 casks of each beer brewed at a time.

No, it’s the investment; ours and yours.

We invest in British Hop Farmers, championing new and experimental hop varieties before they’re commercially available and contracting years in advance to allow their businesses to be sustainable.

We invest in malts that have been developed specifically for great flavour when brewing beer and trusted for over 50 years.

We invest our time in sending our Dwarfen Ales to CAMRA beer festivals to have the opportunity to be voted on by the public.

We invest ourselves in developing relationships with great people who’re running award winning community venues, so that when they supply our beer it’s in the best hands it can be and supports local jobs.

And the greatest investment of all; yours.

You’ve sought out our ales.

You’ve made the effort to discern the best places to drink.

You’ve left the comfort of your home to invest your time in the company of others.

You’ve embraced a brand proud of it’s epic storytelling and superb artwork.

You’ve spent your hard earned money on a premium product that can only be purchased from great gathering places of the community.

Only then do all of our investments pay off, at the moment you begin to savour our full bodied, flavoursome, hand forged beverages.

From the first twitching of your nose at the hop aroma, through the explosion of flavours across your tongue, the lingering sensation on the roof of your mouth to the last drop running out of the tankard, filling you with excitement as you head back to the bar for another.

Your investment was worth it.

Thank you for allowing us to do what we do best.