Supporter Saturday

Supporter Saturday, where we highlight supporters businesses.

Supporter Saturday 11th September 2021

Supporter Saturday – The Whiskered West Midlands

You know us, we love our beards as much as we love our beers.

Well we’re not the only ones!

Simon over at TWWM is a big advocate for the brewery and helps us out not only by evangelising for us, but in helping us to spread awareness on mental health issues.

Three cheers for Simon!


Supporter Saturday 4th September 2021

Supporter Saturday – Honeybadger Games

We love drinking a nice cold #DwarfenAle while we roll some dice.
We also love munching on some tasty edible dice while supping an ale and rolling (non-edible) dice!
So there’s only one place the Dwarfs go for their consumables, and that’s Cath over at Honey Badger Games!

Supporter Saturday 27th August 2021

Supporter Saturday – BeerYeti

Everyone says that the press are the enemy, but when it comes to Tim, that couldn’t be further from the truth!
A true beer enthusiast and friend of the Dwarfs, Tim always has a kind word to say after supping a pint of #DwarfenAle!
Check out his adventures in beer and cycling.

Supporter Saturday 21st August 2021

Our sixth and penultimate new daily feature sees the Dwarfs shoutout to their supporters.

Now we know if you’re reading this then you’re a fan, and we appreciate you, but some folk deserve a little extra thank you for services to #DwarfenAle!

So for our first Supporter Saturday, we want to introduce you to: @thats_sew_becky 

Becky’s glorious face masks have helped keep the Dwarfs safe during the pandemic.

If that wasn’t enough to recommend her, she also makes a great range of other clothes and accessories, as often modelled by Young Dwarf No.1. Dwarf the Older uses her sandwich wraps most days and during the colder months has a very fetching snood. Not to mention all the purses and hair clips the younglings have in their collections.

Check her out at:

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