Dwarfen Tales

Why Drink Dwarfen?

Cinemas and pubs are the two things I miss most from lockdown. A growing stack of Blu-rays has kept me going for the former, but it’s Tom’s incredible selection of beers and fantastic delivery service that has truly kept us going during these unprecedented times, the love and care Tom puts into his work is evident and we’ve enjoyed tasting all the different brews. Truly, from the beautiful artwork, to the fantastic customer service, Fownes have been a lockdown luxury. I can’t wait to get back in my local and order a pint of Troll Hunter.

Harry V. Fan of Fownes since 2020. Google review.

Korvak's Sagas

The tragic saga’s of King Korvak, first of his name, last of his line.

Coming Soon.

Other Tales

The tales of the Dwarfs are many and not all feature the tragic life of King Korvak.

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