Supporter Saturday 21st August 2021

Our sixth and penultimate new daily feature sees the Dwarfs shoutout to their supporters.

Now we know if you’re reading this then you’re a fan, and we appreciate you, but some folk deserve a little extra thank you for services to #DwarfenAle!

So for our first Supporter Saturday, we want to introduce you to: @thats_sew_becky 

Becky’s glorious face masks have helped keep the Dwarfs safe during the pandemic.

If that wasn’t enough to recommend her, she also makes a great range of other clothes and accessories, as often modelled by Young Dwarf No.1. Dwarf the Older uses her sandwich wraps most days and during the colder months has a very fetching snood. Not to mention all the purses and hair clips the younglings have in their collections.

Check her out at:

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