The Great Dwarfen Easter Egg Hunt!


It’s that time of year. You know when the giant invisible bunny brings you beer and gifts….

Tom wants to do a virtual egg hunt and this is how it works.

Inside every box ordered from Friday 26th March until Thursday 1st April 2021, will be a Cadbury’s Creme Egg.

But’s that’s not all.

Inside you’ll find that:

1 in 20 boxes will have a voucher for a free box of beer and delivery.

3 in 20 boxes will have a voucher for free delivery on your next order.

5 in 20 boxes will have an extra, free bottle of beer.

6 in 20 boxes will have a voucher for 30% off your next order.

Essentially, if you buy 2 boxes of beer this week you’d be super unlucky not to get a prize.

As an extra bonus, we’ve reduced the fantastic Italian Premium Lager to just £28 a case for the holiday weekend. 12 bottles of easy drinking Mediterranean craft brewed lager to help increase your chance of winning.

What are waiting for?

Click the link and stock up on beer for the bank holiday weekend.

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